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Wood Fence Materials Calculator

How much material do you need to build your wooden privacy fence?  Try this handy calculator.

Privacy fence for either 4-inch or 6-inch picket slats.
Enter Your Measurements Here:     Material Estimate:   Material Required for 1x4 Slat Fences   Material Required for 1x6 Slat Fences
Enter Total Feet of Fencing        
Enter Total # of Ends   1x4 Fence Boards Required:     -
Enter Total # of Gates   1x6 Fence Boards Required:   -  
                      2x4 - 8' Rails Required:    
4x4 - 8' Posts Required:    
Bags of 60 Lb. Concrete Required:    
Lbs. 7d Nails or Screws Required:    
Lbs. 16d Nails or Screws Required:    
Walk Gate Hardware Required    

Note: This estimation method assumes posts 8 feet apart with 3 rails. Because this material generated by this calculator may not be exact, you should always round up or consider other methods. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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